>Bundle Up and Have some Fun!

>The snow is with us again in Hamburg, New York. I will put my snow shoes on and get a great workout in the snow.
Find yourself some time to enjoy even the bad weather!
It can be very helpful to the soul.
Wake up and enjoy some of the pleasures of life by doing something different today, and smile while you are out there.
Have a spiritual awakening and find the awe in the wonders of the world today!
Have some spontaneous fun. Sometimes we have to practice having fun. We need to learn new behaviors that allow us to experiment and learn new ideas. This is our creative right brain that we need to unleash and play with the notion that having fun can be a good goal in life.
So loosen up a bit and take some risks!

What would you like to do today?
I am going to play in the snow.

Taken in part from: Beattle, M. (1990) The Language of Letting Go. New York, NY.Hazelden

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