A Wonderful World: Serenity Books by Doris

SERENITY BOOKLETS: Chapters of your Life

I strive to help people learn how to take care of themselves in mind, body and soul! My new collection of healthy booklets comes to you directly from my website Body Mind Health.  I hope you enjoy.

Life unfolds and we move along strong, centered and balanced

Life unfolds and we move along strong, centered and balanced


Chapter Books on living life well

I have been writing and turning some of my daily postings into booklets on different topics of wellness.

Topics include Building Relationships with others, Mental Wellness, Yoga, Maintaining your weight, Spirituality and helping you with grief.

I  have also completed a children’s booklet to help children with difficult topics such as divorce, separation and fears.

Healthy Bodies

My specialty is writing about healthy eating, weight loss, maintenance, and healthy recipes. Meatless Meals and Vegan Recipes can help with understanding plant based dieting.

Aging and Health

I have developed an Aging and Healing Ways series of booklets that focus on how to stay healthy as you age and following your spirit. Growth and development can happen at any age and Healing Ways continue throughout our lives.


Find all of my books on my author page on Amazon.  www.amazon.com/author/dorisrichardsonedsell

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A podcast of Healthy Living in mind, body and spirit. Learn about maintaining your weight and food as medicine




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Finding your way to complete your puzzle in life

Finding your way to complete your puzzle in life




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